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Learn why our clients have turned to Data Center Applications for their services and technology needs

Data Center Application's Vision
Inspire corporate responsibility in energy efficiency and be a leader in providing technology and vendor agnostic information, suggestions, and
solutions for making data centers more energy efficient.

Data Center Energy Efficiency
Since 2008, Data Center Applications has been a leader in providing data center efficiency solutions for data center and facilities managers. We are dedicated to providing energy efficient best-practice and technology solutions for data centers infrastructure, computer rooms and server rooms. Data Center Applications helps data center managers gain a holistic understanding of their current environment. Our vendor and technology agnostic approach leverages our best-practice expertise in monitoring, airflow analysis, power, measurement, cooling, and best-of-breed efficiency technologies to help data center managers improve energy efficiency, reducing power consumption and subsequently lowering energy costs.

Data Center Applications Expertise
Data Center Application's team have deep energy efficiency and technical expertise in data center infrastructure systems, including cooling,
enclosures, management, monitoring and power. Partnering with leading data center infrastructure equipment manufacturers, we provide best-
practice-based consulting and products for data center builds, expansions and consolidations. Since 2008, a majority of local and regional
companies have engaged Data Center Applications to resolve their data center challenges and improve data center efficiency.

The Data Center Applications Advantages
  -  Unique to our industry, we are vendor-independent and technology-agnostic, providing fair, unbiased guidance on selecting and managing
      data center products and solutions.
  -  We have a proven track record of outstanding customer service with our customers.
  -  Our product knowledge is hands-on and objective, using an on-site, Center of Excellence.
  -  We create enduring relationships with customers, working with them through the entire data center project from planning and design to post-
      sales support.
  -  We are committed to recommending and implementing products that are proven maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental

Pre-Sales Engineering and Design Services
Data Center Applications Sales Engineers develop true business relationships with our clients. We conduct thorough pre-sales interviews so that we understand unique client issues, applications, environmental factors and actual usage. We use this information to design and recommend the best imaginable solution for our clients.

Installation and Training
Data Center Applications offers complete support for installation, best replica watches configuration, and training. Our clients require a process that is streamlined and easy to execute. Data Center Applications possesses the expertise required to support our clients' full implementation; from physical installation,
initial system configuration, through training.

Ongoing Customer Support
Data Center Applications is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support. We provide tier 1 technical support, training, replica watches and system maintenance to our clients.


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