Data Center Management


The Power of Visualization

With ever-increasing data center size and complexity, data center managers and IT professionals require remote management solutions that enable them to quickly and effectively access servers, networking devices, and other mission-critical equipment. A complete management solution integrates KVM-over-IP technology, serial console management, and service processor management to provide console level access for true "lights out" operations.

The Benefits of Centralized Data Center Management

  -  Manage and troubleshoot servers, serial devices, storage, and other equipment locally or remotely, through a single administrative interface
  -  Reduce system and network downtime by enabling immediate access to failed resources - Centralize data center control and provide efficient
      management and maintenance processes, using fewer IT resources
  -  Enhance system security by leveraging existing authentication schema such as LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, TACACS+, etc.
  -  Provide visibility to daily operations and occurrences through comprehensive audit logging and reporting tools
  -  Improve physical site security by allowing IT staff to work remotely without access to the data center

Enterprise-Level Device Management
Comprehensive server management solutions allow administrators to manage servers, storage devices, and networking equipment at any location, Replica Watches 24-hours-a-day. These solutions provide BIOS-level access to mission-critical systems.

Integrated Service Processor Management
Centralized management platforms simplify datacenter management by aggregating access to servers, serial-based devices, storage, and power distribution products with embedded onboard technologies such as iLO, DRAC, IPMI, ALOM, etc.

A single interface for device management across your enterprise gives you the ability to respond more quickly to critical outages and provides a broader view of the overall health of your IT infrastructure. Centralized datacenter management software and hardware allow you to easily access and control servers throughout your facility as well as equipment located at remote sites.

Contact Data Center Applications sales engineers for complete details about the features and benefits of these centralized management products and for help determining which solutions will allow you to best accomplish your data center management goals. Replica Watches

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