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Data Center Monitoring

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The Power of Visualization

TCO, ROI, CapEX, ROI. It used to be that a data center's fundamental mission was to stay online at all costs. Today, availability is still paramount, but costs and fiscal metrics receive more scrutiny than ever.

The reason- energy use across data centers has ballooned into the $ billions. Similarly, downtime for a financial firm or an e-commerce enterprise can reach $ millions in minutes.

These serious financial consequences require data center owners to be equally proactive addressing inefficiency and safeguarding uptime. To do so, they need intuitive, impactful tools that go beyond simple Visio documents and Excel spreadsheets.

Data Center Applications responds to this challenge with a suite of data center monitoring products that provide data centers the visibility and
operational intelligence to continually optimize their facilities. Data Center Monitoring, Temp and Humidity Sensors, Power Meters, and Airflow and Efficiency Measurements can help alert you to potential issues, while helping you reduce operation costs.

Thermal Mapping:

Airflow and temperature are two of the most important subsets of data center cooling. But, to this point, monitoring each in a production environment has proven difficult. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), while valuable for design validation, represents a snapshot of operating conditions. When these conditions change, a new model is required, usually with hefty consulting charges.

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Thermal mapping provides a flexible, less-expensive alternative to CFD. The thermal maps provide real-time, color-coded visibility into a data center's operating environment:

  - Temperature maps provide color-coded temperature profiles throughout the facility and can identify hotspots or areas of overcooling
  - Humidity maps provide color-coded humidity profiles throughout the facility
  - Pressure Maps compare the pressure differential between raised floor spaces and air delivery plenums

Unlike CFD, which requires input into the model, thermal mapping creates this imagery in real-time via the end-to-end hardware and software solution. As users make improvements, they see the fruits of their labor immediately.

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