Data Center - Power


Efficient Data Center Power Configurations

Many data centers predate the industry's focus on efficient technologies. From design through technology selection and installation, initial costs and uptime were the focal points because power was not a major expense or energy availability a consideration. Concerns about costs related to power consumption and the impact of the data center on the environment had not entered the corporate consciousness.

Today, energy is an issue, a big issue. US data centers consumed 61 billion kWh of electricity in 2006, while an estimated 70% of the electricity in the U.S. is generated by fossil fuels. The economic and environmental consequences render some legacy data center designs irrelevant and replica watches The legacy 480V-208V power distribution architecture is a prime example. The components (UPS, PDU, and server power supply) are older and lose roughly 40% of the incoming electricity during transformation and distribution.

In its defense, this power distribution approach was designed with a minimal power envelope in mind. Its inefficiencies are amplified in the context of high density installations, where rack loads can conceivably eclipse 30kW.

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